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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 19, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>>erica: you could see a few low 70 develop and in the south bay and in today with a high of 64 degrees as we look ahead in the forecast a seven day around the bay shows lots of sunshine clear reason conditions as head into the weekend temperatures trending above average we are
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looking at the dry conditions for the most part in the next seven days there is a potential for what whether it could be developing around here in the bay area of the full details on that coming up in my next report >>erica: here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza a very liken this is coming from all of the approach is over at the san mateo bridge traffic rose pretty well in both directions the drive times a 12 to 13 minutes and over at the golden gate bridge southbound traffic delay for a keep in mind we do have some catching dense fog developing in the santa rosa area of care is a live look at the san rafael bridge we're seeing speeds over about 50 mi. per hour all along pretty like conditions would not have any major accidents but i did get word of a tree fire in san francisco southbound on a one ride along east, 80.
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>>james: in other headlines this morning we have to men in critical condition this morning following a shooting in san francisco mission district and happen on the corner of 17th and catch tree is after 7:00 last night according to police the two victims were seen arguing with a third person and it was that person who apparently pulled a gun and opened fire on the victims were shot in the upper body investigators from the sale for about two hours collecting evidence there was an eye witness and they told kron 4 that the government was with at least two other men. >>james: far no arrests have been made. >>james: out raise them speaking about december and a school district 01 percent pay cut across the board and several support positions are now on the chopping block f-14 teaching physicians could be eliminated as well.
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jeff's bush: pearson teaches rally outside the school board meeting in an attempt to persuade the board not to cut more than a dozen teaching physicians teachers and parents say the cut are not fair. >>: them looking to the maximize odd class sizes that is not good for kids. >>: we are against and tried to combine. >>reporter: that not want to make the cuts but they have no choice. we are getting no
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information. >>james: that victim has been identified as two to one year old george ramirez he was shot and killed back in december while in the driveway of his own home police said they are releasing his name now because they believe he is not the intended target someone likely knows who the killer is. the mayor is written in los rental home and abroad more neighborhood this is often a
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$25,000 reward for information living to an arrest and prosecution in this case also this morning as they called a super bus. >>james: this super bug is a drug-resistant bacteria ucla's says the patients affected may have been infected during procedures using contaminated mescaline medical instruments and procedures have laws in october and january at the ucla medical center in auburn is caused by the bacteria can contribute to desk and up to half of those infected. the 1079
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cases to men have been exposed are they contacted but they can use at home and determine if they have been infected will let you know those numbers arise. >>james: the city a further to mazurka face a legal action from the department of justice if the firm simply to the farmer does not make some changes on its own the doj is prepared to bring also protected that discriminate against minority because of the federal investigation of the shooting death of michael brown reference and refuses to revive the tactics that adds for the court to step in. >>james: coming up on the kron 4 morning news will show you the most reaction as to is react
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while crossing the street changes come from the san was the airport would say what those changes include income of after the break council on san francisco's school or a set of rock have to give to their students will show you with a pamphlet says and why some say it was way too inappropriate.
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>>james: the lunar new year arriving are celebrating the year of the sheep. festivities' stretch for two weeks or more and coming up in the 5:00 hour will take a look at how some in
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the bay area are celebrating the learn the year. >>james: controversy at a san francisco catholic school some fans are upset at their pamphlet was distributed to a limited school students. >>reporter: a catholic in title and examinations the pamphlet contains several basic church takes teaches us the 10 commandments but there's also a section that has dozens of questions designed to identify with the church considers to be bad behavior. there also several questions that stirred controversy such a diet perform saw me at it was handled to elementary school teach children to parents are not upset.
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>>: had in a corporate items. >>reporter: he has two sons won for the red another in 6 is said and handed out the path it was a bad idea. the for >>: still we have to do more to do is protect our children will have a path for the talks about sodomy and masturbation about mercy killing and nothing that is appropriate for children this age in the school. >>reporter: minutes should and will 10 identified as a catholic he felt the pamphlet like this one are going to be handed out the very least parents should get to see the first. >>james: 18 to follow this story of the controversy here san francisco 54 degrees looking for
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64 lead on today.
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>>james: they're doing what snowstorms after a snowstorm and the satellite picture for nasa show snow-covered new england from space nasa's terror satellite to the image on monday and is still the norm is completely white. >>: nil one with the storm after another after another literally blanketed in snow the entire northeast. >>erica: let's take a look at the satellite and radar view we
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still have a wind chill advisory in effect for the washington dc metro area is the season snow apparently falling across of new york's pennsylvania even up toward vermont and maine right now and is led critical conditions a lot of the north is even the midwest dealing with winter like conditions which is quite contrary to where do with it here in the bay area. >>erica: a look at the trouble forecast minneapolis-attended grades sale was 14 degrees the west coast much different picture sfo i today of 65 degrees all along we're going to continue with a pretty mild pattern right now we do have some patchy dense fog from for the delta at temperatures in the 40's and '50's was equipped army as the into the early afternoon and look for most sunny skies by about 3:00 today. above average bay area wide at to those
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unjustly the house will work or school again visibility is a factor the lawyers of a little extra time because concord we dug down to just 4 mi. britain's to a mile for fairfield livermore. >>erica: drive cautiously this morning for the east bay interior valley of the north of highway 101, santa rosa does have a mile in the flight was to clear conditions inside the bay but from that chilly fog is lacking is wait for the east bay shoreline in terms of temperatures into a nine hour will seemingly fifties bay area why the tech look what happens when you put the clock into motion by lunchtime '60s widespread will see a few seventh stop of as into about 23 this afternoon in a slight hint today 64 and 67 for oakland mid- 60's for eliciting getting " close to its sunnyvale. eye pressure continues to dominate the weather pattern now men and dry conditions and the less cloud cover.
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>>erica: the trend will continue into the weekend temperatures for the most part in the '70s we will see breezy weather follows a to saturday and sunday and all are pretty quiet conditions in early next week because is to rent as a hidden to next friday and we're looking at a change in weather the minimum as are currently off into the lead heading to the san mateo bridge you'll notice track and will run smoothly on the right-hand side the right is coming toward japan is bound to hayward. >>erica: richmond san rafael bridge as a second of to the
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track map the sec a close look at both was down 580 in about 880 right now so far so good quiet conditions. >>james: we have grief counselors on hand now in concord and the score after a 14 year-old, the student was shot and killed while trying to cross the street at happen on wednesday >>reporter: 13 who live in memory after he was hit and killed by car across the road to get to his bus stop wednesday morning did his best of get across clayton road witnesses told police gonzales was in the
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crosswalk going against the signal when he was head. >>: i finally get expedited. >>reporter: 7 members tell us a massive amount of internal bleeding and died at hospitals and france were visibly shaken when i spoke with them hours after they learned of his passing telling me let word of his death inspect quickly among students
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>>james: a was a close call for school bus and marin county on wednesday the bus with dozens of students got stuck on a sharp turn on highway one coming dangerously close to the edge of ravined we have video of it and you can see here is the helicopter partnership with abc seven new the shot from high above shows the sea its tree in the school bus from the allies will an oakland that stuck in a tight turn about 2 mi. north. >>james: near the release of an still show the security detail that challenge an intruder who scaled the fence and onto airport ground about midnight doubles back on january 29th you deny seed in the video after a
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brief chase the man was caught arrested and charged with trespassing and higher fences are all part of the strategy of ready to carry on for. knopf the january incident was the fact the fourth security breach in the past 10 months as san jose mineta for workers at at the exxon mobil refinery into ours are recovering from minor injuries following a large explosion residence to live nearby were jolted by the blast guest today was treated you smokestack's and cause acid rain as 04 to the refinery says for the contractors was the to the hospital for evaluation by france and the facilities for a system was triggered to burn off the fuel that can add to the
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fire the home owner not about to up the pieces after a window shattered in the home and expense items inside or broken. >>james: they issued sell to the place for the laws would help issues. some if you cannot beat them join them as the old saying goes to tell you about one bay area taxi company who was doing just that in order to cope with services like to work and left.
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>>james: the battle of taxicabs vs lift and uber into into the streets if you cannot beat them join them the hundred year old desoto cab company will be known as fly wheel taxi >>reporter: the entire fleet of to what the to your blue taxicabs scheduled to hit the streets in san francisco and you could still have the the subtle have a call cab but now just a war unless you use an application we decided to give them a test run i downloaded a fly will application is said to metric have checked my watch and there it is the subtle cab #106 desires name is bobby instance got a cab for a quarter-century
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since this particular cab is still below he is next in line to get the new paint job status clean and no cigarette smoke there is no surge pricing he texas and rum nomination is in the cab for. >>james: good story next up on the kron 4 morning news double shooting in san jose will bring you the latest will tell you what is next with a college student accused of killing his roommate and santa clara asked the president talks about it, what the laws of the council was,
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>>james: here is a quick look is on the big stores where fallen for you this morning we have san francisco police investigating a shooting in the city's mission district were to men are listed in critical condition after the shooting was happened about 7:00 last night on the form of seven straight the two victims were seen arguing with the third person and it was that there person who pulled out the gun and opened fire no arrests have been made yet. >>james: are voicing anger about the samples would district several support physicians are on the chopping block for the teaching physicians also be eliminated at is listen and up 1 percent pay cut across the board parents and teachers a rally outside the school board meeting yesterday this official
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said in a will to make these cuts but did not have a choice will be sent out on march 15th will befall a developing story to people at the ucla medical center have been dyed from the super bulk under this and five brothers also been exposed dr. lock in the process of contacting those patients who were exposed and given them test the conduct of policy they were infected. >>james: is drug-resistant and is a bacteria ucla official said the prices may have been inspected using contaminated medical instruments. let's turn our attention to weather and traffic with the other day at 430. >>james: much of the same we are done with morning cloud to now a little more sunshine as we headed to the afternoon and temperatures just slightly above average if you're heading out to work or school or college and killing with forties and fifties from the area of the san francisco we're dealing with
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make his wet clothes in the east bay shoreline is the low or modest fairfield in livermore visibility has shot down to 4 mi. of the concord area you may need a little extra time temperatures above average seven is expected in the south the evergreen 67 that is a number will see in fairfield concord in danville and 60 today for vallejo 66 july in san leandro now closer to the clothesline the timber to will be in the mid-60s knobs of the golden gate
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bridge opened today with a high of 67 and 63 for alameda san mateo not too bad pretty mild by 68 degrees we have high pressure dominant over the weather pattern may dry weather will continue it will get a little risky as it headed to the weekend on all above average temperatures and lots of sunshine will carry into early next week will concede to follow the forecast renown as a turning center to traffic. >>erica: here is a live look for you the bay bridge toll plaza very like conditions dmitry lessor off their over at the san mateo bridge will not deal with any problems or delays the drive times 25 come out of the announcement we do have some areas apache dense fog and as a wrap things up with a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge bridge pretty easy conditions no weight at the pace
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>>james: will have new video showing the scene following a double shooting in san jose to people as i understand were wrong it just before 10:00 last night police said the motive in the circumstances are also unknown they have not made any arrests is a very beginning phase of the investigation we do know this is the third shooting within a mile and half of that location in the last eight days to help kron 4 will discuss this on site will have the letters from him in a live report also happen in the santa clara university student accused of attempted homicide scheduled to make its first appearance in court he use a knife to stab his sleeping room a number times at their campus and at an early
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to the morning he then turned map on his self were about the incident quickly spread among students. both teams were taken to hospital and expected to recover from the victim he and saw room same with the younger to the crime the request in the south bay gilroy will was a suspicious death is now being called a homicide and is the course of which the victim has been found dead in his home on bay tree drive on monday police believe the two young women in this photograph the to see here ask my know something about mr. hyde was murdered. >>james: their last seen in a san jose their holdings of his property if you know who is, our
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constant police they would like to talk to them. the white house says the summit on and, in violent extremists will take on more of a global focus to that. sit >>reporter: in aid to stop violent extremism before it starts critics do not think that approach will work against terrorist groups such as ices laminate on poverty and whatever other circumstances does not really addressed and addressed the issue of the brainwashing that is going on with young males in which there is being recruited democratic conscious woman says the first step to stop and extremism and
4:37 am
identifying and understandable they are and what is driving them executing a simultaneous military and ideological strategy. >>reporter: tried to penetrate and sell the total war is of islam we must never accept the premise that the ford because it is a lie and we are not at war with islam will add will people will have covered is now. >>james: still ahead new allegations against ices militants this morning will tell you what they are now accused of doing to their victims. people check their fall too often could be suffering from depression.
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>>james: checking your smart fun too often could mean you are addicted to hear from and suffering from depression. >>gabe slate: every few months a new study comes of san self addiction israel from internet to produce pleasure discussing people or shy and have low self- esteem they're more likely to become on addicts one reason with text messaging some of the make texan friends and then never axing have to me by many is considered one of the biggest non drug additions from the 21st century looking for
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something to cheer you of the studies so cannot put down their mobile phone are more prone to moodiness and temperamental behavior and have trouble focusing on this task at hand a few the fall too much to cut the mobile application. >>gabe slate: track, to use a fund during the day it could have the application to your we never is a limited you want to keep two or you can have a pot of notifications like this reminding you say you're using a device to often. the 17 questions and is not take long a lot to test yourself log onto kron 4 that tom. >>james: and vestas one to catch our ride with over the ride sharing company wants to raise another billion dollars in funding is overwhelming demand
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from investors who want in on the servers it raise $1.2 billion in financing will take a quick break will get another check of your forecast we have a live look outside this time of view of the golden gate bridge were busily looks pretty good although it is a pretty dense fog out there in the loss. soak for 6 to grade woman a to unexpected high of 67. --net loss of 46 degrees
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>>erica: where did and what some patchy dense fog especially along the delta for the most are done with higher clouds alive and outside as half of it as far inland that we're dealing with the really does pettifog ballistic a look at the east bay shoreline and the slight busily has written a job down to 7 mi. in the hayward area slowly but surely that will cloud cover will make this late closer to the bank a lot is of little extra time on the road to to try not in the forties and fifties tell us the 9:00 hour mostly fifties blackening the bay area to a 3:00 will start this is some 07 is still an all-out
4:46 am
temperatures a little bit above average with that being said santa rosa 67 same for fair from 69 degrees in pleasanton the casino's seven it's a love for those new and the south bank in the 60s along the coast have precious the dominant over our weather patterns. >>erica: dry conditions will get a little breezy as into saturday and sunday but all all above average temperatures no rain in the 74 cast here is a look at the 7:00 a.m. on the bay forecast temperatures above average will seek a wider pattern develop and bay area will have to wait and see right now focusing on traffic a great time to leave your house here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>erica: the drive times to hold
4:47 am
steady from made as a san francisco no issues are the lead of the richmond san rafael bridge bridge and as the technicals look at the track maps grin on the road with sensor for the entire ride, paul tracy and to 05 across the house might pass into downtown livermore >>james: an iraqi official now clamming the terror group.
4:48 am
>>reporter: isis' locked in battle with the iraqi forces eye witness accounts from the western iraqi town planetary group is burning the bodies of soldiers killed in the fighting to desecrate them today the pentagon and indicated it is analyzing entities of the incident certainly would not surprise and it was if it turns out to be authentic and true given the terms of atrocities
4:49 am
without mentioning the traffic of human organs what the drive and the cell will to increase to the extreme tactics while ices recruiting remain strong more more attracting women and highly educated people these extreme atrocity is often sam did attention to turn for the fields recruited. >>: see that ices to the door
4:50 am
concerned. >>james: she woke up in a box and a landfill that try to piece together what exactly happened police said the woman did not have been a noticeable injuries and death the them was inconclusive he is not in
4:51 am
custody he was arrested monday at the dna and other evidence linked him to the break-ins. a 27 year-old is accused of molesting six young girls by the summer of 2013 after breaking into homes in san marcos lived
4:52 am
in that dna to the residence. >>reporter: message dna, and again and left the crime scene.
4:53 am
>>james: back with more news in a moment including an amazing sight in the skies over its bird a meteor will have a shot of that coming up alive look outside the camera as a fog show on the low clouds that could mean delays of the airport later this morning will compile for you.
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>>james: he put it in the jury box and that were is set until he saw a new story about a similar fine turns out it was a rare live under pearl the 6 + tear curl has been authenticated and his the auction block next month. >>james: he wants to buy a new corvette possibly with the rest of the family says they wanted a kitchen will see who wins the debate. >>james: 10 to one hour special the stanley has put together
4:57 am
featuring the out bridges and blatant example of people behaving badly the segment always fun to watch as this friday at 9:00 p.m. following the kron 4 morning news.
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>>mark: i've been here welcome back. >>james: will let you know once
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the airport start reporting delays is always a guarantee at this point my notes i will order to the low 60s the cause of when to hang around places like coastal communities along the peninsula mostly sunny conditions for the deep inland valley in them by this afternoon will look for temperatures getting up into the mid to upper 60s that will be nice here is a quick look at where it is at its heaviest fairfield the pretense of a mile and livermore valley down to look for my three and have my visibility in san jose.
5:02 am
>>george: in the close in the area where doing fine but since the ballet is heading toward 2 05 for the drive into tracy there are problems this morning is on interstate 5 heading south coming out of labor. southbound ride for marin county in the bridge is already set up there are still realigning the rest of the land of the north end of the span. >>darya: if there have been
5:03 am
three shootings and eight days and the most recent one was last night to people shot a mountain o'clock on alum rock avenue of capital. >>will tran: reported a shot fired inside of the place let's show you video the san jose police there have already been on high alert because the shooting here of these two men while this is only about a mile from the other locations for some of the security there was shot and killed on saturday is been a very violent times in this neighborhood those two men ran inside at this point they do not know the circumstances and modal from the police officers if i believe that turns into a crime scene to talk to many witnesses and one point even detained one or two people but at this point this morning, but no suspects have been maimed
5:04 am
they're out the search for whoever shot these two men the to men were arrested a hospital in the last day there are still alive out visit with his being a sports bar is to be plenty of surveillance we will talk to residents at coming up at 6:00 and let you know just how many people have been shot over the past month. no arrests and all his cases. >>mark: police continue to the four gunmen responsible for double shooting this happen in the mission district is after seven last night a big warning this morning for people with peanut allergies are those who knows what is allergic and the
5:05 am
products that contain the spiced human head and pulled from store shelves as many as 15 million americans have food allergies and killing one and 13 children. >>darya: the have died from was being called a super bug out wreck a ucla medical center the jug resistant bacteria map also infected more than zero hundred and 70 other patients the university said the patients are being set free home testing kits that ucla would analyze the procedures happen that the tech october and january at the medical center hospital officials say to medical devices carried the super but even though it has been sterilized and the the main factor its specifications. >>darya: similar outbreaks of the reporter from the u.s. difficult the tree because is resistant to antibiotics..
5:06 am
>>mark: heresies close to a very upset about the content. >>: where perry the first thing we have to do and always wanted was the tech our children and when you have a passage of clause sodomy masturbation and about mercy killing and about murder i don't think that kids this age. >>mark: the call to come from the school and sent the systematizes have not been returned and has been pulled from the school. >>darya: will double to show you how san francisco is getting ready to celebrate you might want to get in on that people
5:07 am
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>>george: here at the richmond san rafael bridge bridge and very few cars here and no delays as you come across 580 all in richmond to this morning either in the east shore free ride looks good all have a complete traffic check coming right up. >>darya: president obama is one to announce on the witness is a to get off for the raiders and their family free admission to
5:11 am
national parks and other federal lands for four years about every kid is in this is to get kids out door and active the presence wasn't announced today in chicago. >>darya: wanted this place monument is a great care is harder to get the kids up the out. >>mark: will tell you how banalize landed himself in some hot water. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal say, w avlabloverhe cnterinull escrtiontrenh. whene brthe allgens r boes rct b overrodung s keyinflmato subance that cau ourympts. the adinalley
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pi onl ntro one onascontls s. and x isreat thaone. flone th24 hr reef at operfms t #1alrgy ll. soo ahd , haleife. neflone. x isreat thaone. is cngesverying.
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did ya kw? esh ep eremeightight lier i't jt light. 's ao thbestightight r elinatg ods. aming,ight fosupeor or elimatiotry
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frh st extme.. ghweht. how do i knoi'm ttin thbestricen th?we'lmatcanycoetit's pce. wh abo thi pre mah guante d th? p. soo moey bines tomoole? , weo ha tomoole... ...t? staplehas ice tch guarantee. ke obudg hapn. ke bt pres hpen. staps. me mo hapn. >>james: is really dense there
5:15 am
for my visibility in concord to a survey in the south bay and for some of the more they did not were dario was driving this morning here is what looks like at the bay bridge as a lookout for the east bay temperatures at the moment in the fifties began 52 for concord san jose 54 mid it is for san francisco of the 40's as you see there in santa
5:16 am
rosa a little chilly in an arctic temperatures allowed 9:00 this morning we're looking for widespread fifties like to on the capital will look for seven to come into view where will give real cultural the number of east valley communities. >>james: napa coming in off the coast 69 mid-60's for san francisco will see 67 to merge
5:17 am
is getting back to the low seventies that the longshoremen for the weather let's find out about the traffic periods >>george: the same can be said for you're ride from hayward heading over toward foster city in san mateo we are delayed free here for the ride on highway 92 with a light and easy ride in both directions and looking at the trip to the golden gate bridge you see as both ride the bridge has now been fully realized for the morning commute with the four lanes in the
5:18 am
southbound direction will not tracking any problem for you there and here is a look at south with freeway like traffic light enough that we're showing green and all the road when sensors indicating speeds above 50 mi. per hour 1 01 south bomb was great with no delays coming down from high with 37 toward central san rafael >>mark: in march the beginner of the end of the worse. there are some races all over the world happening. >>reporter: while closing up shop on stockton street she
5:19 am
points out some of the last minute items families are picking up. ahead of the celebration she says is also not a party without chicken or ducks. leading up to a holiday in
5:20 am
churches have been allowed to set up shop in the streets but as midnight approaches the rows are clearing and as a community waits for the clock the strike 12th. the event and would traditional line dances and firecrackers. >>erica: they can ignore them or fight back will 49 this cutback does not mind on the latter always the afternoon he twisted
5:21 am
that he was spinning his the working hard he posted a are you aware are just ignorant read the trip again better yet to give me your breakdown of every defensive coverage is not done yet he continues with the fallout same you have a followers in on family it does not want to know what you're doing get a better at life. >>erica: receives its share of " critical please but he does not respond out i still a little surprised.
5:22 am
>>darya: he broke into abandoned home install the 47 year-old rose saying with that head ice ice baby. he also holds the banalize middle of home- improvement what does he know about home improvement his renovated several foreclosed homes >>mark: he meant to to barbara will show you is even worse will be right back.
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>>mark: he medicine is of an even worse haircut he has a new hairstyle and is slated his eyebrows long. >>darya: the perry is not new
5:27 am
but little caesars gone away to put them together was the point of this? there is a bacon wall is wrapped three in have feet of bacon of around with the deep dish pizza. it's a regular gig this pizza wrapper 3 1/2 feet of vacant with the plumbing in bacon sprinkled on top. >>mark: team didn't kill or crossing the street will hear from his friends and a live report.
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>>james: we're saying is really beginning to develop yet almost make it out that stalled bank in the distance we are hovering over the hills is down in a valley on the other side where is on the heaviside this morning that as of ufos and is forecast to much of the tunnel
5:31 am
where you are and not before is a low 50s this afternoon for partly cloudy skies in the meantime his attempt is our right now like i said up before it's too low fifties for a number of spots out talk more about the fall coming up. >>george: the volume is already building here at the baby is 6:0615 that is only beginning to see things wrapped up for the west about ride the for our huge lead pretty quiet was either me to realize activated properly with the next 15 minutes for the westbound ride was to begin the back of the auto club a free trip to the san mateo bridge if
5:32 am
you're planning a morning expect delays to the westbound ride the good news is we're not talking any hot spots. >>mark: as two people shot and censuses goes mission district police still searching for the shelter. mike pelton: that shooting happened is behind you get to that of victims suffered life- threatening injuries which is thick with the men will tell the sea and for a one-shot lead the assault to men line on the ground near the scene this all happen near 17th and tapestry and sampras's commission district this after 7:00 last night we saw police officers
5:33 am
this a to men got into arguments with the third person is unclear what the argument was about to pull out a handgun and shot the to men before running from the same and is one of the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the upper torso of transport to san francisco general hospital with what police described as life- threatening injuries. mike pelton: killing of at 60 you will hear from one witness and what he says one of the victims did moments after he was shot. >>darya: of the nose we're following this happen today in the east bay school the second steps to the middle schoolers deal with the death of a classmate this is at the 14 year-old student was hit and killed by a car while crossing the street yesterday. >>jackie sissel: good morning i am here at oak grove middle school was later school stuff
5:34 am
around add a clause that would have with counselors on the campus for the staff and the students as the continues to grieve the loss of the 14 year- old christopher gonzales who was shot and killed yesterday morning by car. not far from the school according to the concord police station the four senior role was crossing the clinton road chilly before 7:00 a.m. he was in the crosswalk but he was crossing against the light and he was struck by a car he was taken to a local hospital initially he was deemed as in stable condition but took a turn for the worse it was often of a pronounced dead at the hospital at around noon yesterday the driver of the car 45 you're one stop and help out this the best she could she is not going to be charged it appears because she did have a green light at the time of the accident but as you can imagine friends and family were devastated by the news and because of that it will have grief counselors here at the school today yesterday we had a chance of the sum france imagine
5:35 am
there will very distraught. >>: i cannot believe that when those living in the morning i saw police over there and then i thought was a car accident and stefano the acid died. >>jackie sissel: school starts at 8:00 so we expect to see people showing up in the next couple of hours at that point will get the reaction to the loss of the students. >>mark: into ferguson missouri police department does not make changes that could face legal action from the justice department the d a j is now say they're prepared to bring a lawsuit for tactics they say discriminate against minorities and saw that the federal investigation of the shooting death of michael brown and a broader look he will make the result in them this is a public the findings are expected to outline an alleged pattern of
5:36 am
the stomach tory tactics adjust to the premises due at the court to step in. >>darya: and several credit card test cases police to the surveillance video you seek to link command to multiple high dollar credit card purchases ever made at retail stores throughout the bay area he would into targeted wal-mart and apple adjutancy he came out with plenty of things he is the mix is purchases before the car's door reported stolen so that's what it gets away with that nisei credit cards office like during the daytime from doctors and health clubs. >>darya: this after another security breach survey this video shows security detail
5:37 am
challenging an intruder who scaled the fence and got into the airport in january you cannot see this in a video he was caught and arrested a trespassing. >>mark: uc president set tuition eyes are on hold for now the and the rest of california postponing or proposed tuition hike as they're calling a good faith gesture the many processes the height it was approved in november the border regions approving raising tuition up to 5% a year for the next five years are now on hold for now. >>mark: we know whether legal cases went to disneyland may have originated will have details coming up. and then had as six of the game tied for bay area company and what customers they're trying to bring back.
5:38 am
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>>darya: the measles outbreak in disneyland may have originated in the philippines the measles cases that originated at disney are genetically similar to a strain involved in the mass of our great that all started in the philippines the cdc said the california outbreak likely started when a traveler who was infected overseas with the
5:41 am
measles and went to disneyland while they were contagious and has been damaging in the philippines affecting 53,000 people and killing 110 people last year so far here in the u.s. 741 cases reported 98 of those measles cases in california including some here in the bay area february is black history month >>james: is quite a bit of fall out there our show you where coming up in a moment here is a live look at the golden gate bridge will have full details of today's forecast in the seven met on the day forecast.
5:42 am
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>>mark: two people wounded in the shooting last night in the 2800 block and san jose police are investigating the circumstances looking for a motive in the shooting this to the third shooting within a mile and half area in the last eight days to men are critical condition. >>darya: that happened at the corner of 17th and tapestry the police and the two victims was an argument with a third person when that person pulled out a gun and opened fire. >>mark: ucla medical center bacteria outbreak to people at hundred and 75 more have been exposed to was being called a super bug ucla saying they're infected during for caesars using a contaminated and the scope the procedure happened
5:46 am
between october and jane read those possibly infected have been notified. >>james: this it looks like on the visibility map about have more visibility in fairfield is access improvement the not russified of the number drops down again at the dense fog rolls back through. the man in redressing the rest of the moment happened biddies bay valleys in the south bay this morning also said some dense fog forming and a pocket here now santa rosa down to under a mile and visibility sentences openness looking find a job down to five mile visibility for redwood city in mountain view it makes it hazy but does not make
5:47 am
it necessarily income of you have to slow down a little bit as you're driving but we're seeing in case of it being heavy. >>james: is a flat in the light from the airport so far no delays been reported yet will keep an eye on an original if the changes because of the with the thrust the day-to-day here is the bay area our live cloud for a lot of the balance in some cases may be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with a general forecast temperatures of the six to 07 is in the south that the ecu expectancy is six into the dust of the six is the livermore valley with mid-60's along the east bay shoreline san francisco dons fouled 64 and will look for 6469 degrees across the lot
5:48 am
they wine country will we back up into the low seventies by saturday and sunday a lot to look forward to perry of >>george: there is a situation that is developing here in the dublin area from san ramon are wrong way driver that was first heading in the wrong direction in the wrong lane on 580 westmount than turning northbound and southbound lanes of interstate 680 heading toward out costa a number of reports indicated that the driver of that vehicle looked as though they knew exactly what they're redoing and looked as though there are even trying to hit some other vehicles. we have the san ramon police department and the chp checking this out right now we're also watching it closely in the newsroom will let you know if anything develops from dead but has the situation
5:49 am
for sure in this area flooding at the ride around the bay and the me to realize have been activated. >>george: the ride starts to slow ride at the edge of the macarthur maze on 92 of the san mateo bridge no delays yet still a small commuter past the toll plaza. still uneasy rise still plans aplenty in the northbound traffic flow and you're ride for the richmond braves also looking pretty good very life of a westbound ride as we are not yet tracking any problems come through richmond for westbound interstate 580. >>darya: the white house said the summit on the accounting violence in was to take on more global focus meantime and to spend some reports put the bomb administration is getting criticism for his approach.
5:50 am
>>reporter: it and sat by and extremism four starts this week we're focusing on prevention preventing these groups radicalizing the recruiting more inspiring others to violence and first once critics do nothing better for us will work against terror groups such as ices black man on poverty or whenever a the set of circumstances does not really addressed the issue of the brainwashing that is going on with young males in was they're being recruited they're not recording now live from places where people are poor also from very rich democratic society. the first to stop the extremism is identifying an understanding who they are and what is driving them head and execute simultaneous military and ideological strategy defeating them, president obama said the groups such as eyes are desperate for legitimacy try to destroy themselves and told the warriors of islam we must never
5:51 am
accept the premise of that before because it is a lie awake and not at war with islam we are at war with people who extroverted is some. >>erica: a. murphy rejected to playbill cause before the senate live special. he says that murphy turned down a suggestion that he would do an impression of comedian bill cosby who was accused of sexual assault by more than 20 women cause the has never been charged with any crime into laura's eyes to deny those allegations eddie murphy knows will work on the s&l had thought it will be a huge success but ultimately he decided it is not worth it he would not taken down. >>mark: coming up are rapper are rested punching a woman in the
5:52 am
face on stage the bill getting all types of attention to social media will have more on what happened that the sfo camera will see from the bay and will miss the chance of rain in the future will be right back on the kron 4 morning news continues. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people?
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>>darya: the online shop apparel company announcing this week that not only will they be the title sponsor for the dead braker sons could to zap the dead breakers also going to be the same in is going to be bay to breaking records this year along with the customer is it will be an attempt to set their road record for the most or rapid set. >>mark: the are looking for ideas ride now they have to set for war records. to what the road rector's said. >>darya: not as fast as but we can come up with an alert.
5:57 am
>>darya: cute are supposed to submit your ideas and they will once referred to the race have the final on that it will be fun to cover this this >>darya: we do know what is fun? the tech a look back at all the people who are behaving badly and stanley roberts you love the one hour special never before seen video and and stories featured as part of this special as well including your favorites of people behaving badly. >>darya: this friday february 20th at 9:00 p.m. after the kron 4 news at eight p
5:58 am
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